Socrates @ Bajes Radio

Radio at an unusual location: the infamous (former) Amsterdam prison “Bijlmer Bajes.”
When I was invited to come and play a set I was intrigued. When I arrived I was truly surprised.. The place still echoed the grim prison days but at the same time had evolved into a mini village, a square with high walls obviously harbouring a dark past now had people chilling in hammocks surrounded by tropical plants, a hip restaurant, art expositions in prison cells, a haman.. and a very nice radio & recording studio. This is where I was welcomed to play.. and it was a pleasure! My host a very cool friendly guy and a DJ himself.. the sound in the studio was excellent.. and the dimmed light made me feel in the mood right away… As an tribute to the Autumn days ahead I chose to go for a a sensual, trippy forest set..

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