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Socrates Live impression

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Yes every now and then its time to update my PR! So my sets, style and energy during live sets has changed a lot in the past years… So this, video is kind of where I am at now.. My dear cousin Soraya Amber an excellent photographer and film maker joined me during one of my summer festival gigs to capture the vibe and made this short but sweet impression.

Socrates @ Bajes Radio

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Radio at an unusual location: the infamous (former) Amsterdam prison “Bijlmer Bajes.”
When I was invited to come and play a set I was intrigued. When I arrived I was truly surprised.. The place still echoed the grim prison days but at the same time had evolved into a mini village, a square with high walls obviously harbouring a dark past now had people chilling in hammocks surrounded by tropical plants, a hip restaurant, art expositions in prison cells, a haman.. and a very nice radio & recording studio. This is where I was welcomed to play.. and it was a pleasure! My host a very cool friendly guy and a DJ himself.. the sound in the studio was excellent.. and the dimmed light made me feel in the mood right away… As an tribute to the Autumn days ahead I chose to go for a a sensual, trippy forest set.. click for the link

Interview @ Writers Unlimited Festival

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I love to have a real conversation without the need to be young fast and shocking in about 30 seconds.. So when I was invited by Wijbrand Schaap of the Cultuur Persbureau to have a chat for his live streaming report of the Writers Unlimited festival 2016, without any conditions or time limitations; I was happy to be part of it. And watching it now; I realise it’s a nice Socrates-introduction.. so If you’re wondering about the name, or my drive as DJ.. it’s all in here 😉 Mind you the interview is in Dutch. Enjoy!

Hot Afro latin vibes at PLLEk Amsterdam

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Had a great time playing back 2 back with DJ Bertu from Utrecht. Bertu has specialised in raw and exciting Afro & Latin grooves for years and you can’t help but get enthusiastic and energized playing with him! He loves to get in to the groove and take it higher and higher.. and so did our audience that hot summer night at Pllek. Love to do it again any time!

Grooving in the park

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Impression of a true feelgood gig. Spinning back-to-back with my buddy LedjMette as we presented Rusty Beat Club at Houtfestival 2015 in Haarlem. We played Afro Funk uptempo Latin, soukous & bollywood till sundown. We had a great audience that were happy to keep on dancing till the last beat!

New Video: Socrates @ Oerol 2014

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Great thanks to Roberta Petzoldt for putting together this short & sweet video impression of 2 gigs I did at Oerol Festival There were some great dancers on the floor and a good crowd in general in for lots of different grooves. One of the highlights for me this year.

Socrates spicing up Kingsday

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Had great fun playing at PLLEK on the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam during Kingsday.. A good spot for some alternative Kingsday grooves.. Afro Latin, Gypsy, Topical Bass and a few sips of single malt from my hip flask did the trick.

New Video

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Impression of Rusty Beat Club at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival.. Spinning here along side le”dj”Mette and VJ Hanco Kamper. Clearly hand held but effective camera by my creative sister Roberta Petzoldt and the solid editing was done by Dennis Keim. It was a good night with lots of inspiring free spirited dancers on the floor;-)

new VJ video Rusty Beat Club

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Here is the new Rusty Beat Club VJ promo made by Hanco Kamper. Nice & tropical psychedelic visuals and a soundtrack of Cumbia Afro Beat and sultry Latin Jazz. Visit my DJ Socrates YouTube channel for more spicy videos.

Socrates reports

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For me a major part of getting inspired as a DJ is to go and experience the music live.. Concerts, jam-sessions, festivals..and off course fellow DJ’s performing. I used to make field recordings with an MD recorder and a stereo mic.. An intense and difficult job at times. I’ve stopped doing it, to be more in the moment and “just enjoy the music.” Recently though I’ve started to record video’s; nothing ambitious just fun vibe impressions of good music. I’ve uploaded some of these clips on my Youtube Channel. Have a look!: Socrates reports – YouTube click for the link