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Seductive Autumn dance grooves!

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So I’ve uploaded a live set. A two hour epic dance journey I’ve mixed for Ecstatic Dance at Odessa Amsterdam. Great thing about Ecstatic Dance is, it brings together people who really come to dance and if you give them good stuff they’ll be with you for the full ride, dancing their hearts out for 2 hours straight from the first till the last track! A gift which, I think it’s safe to generalize here, a DJ is not given at every gig.

This was a particularly special night, where everything just seemed to work. I felt connected with everyone on the floor, felt what was needed and when.. I could play the music I really wanted to play and improvised the journey fluently without dropping the ball and got really warm feedback afterwards. Thats about as satisfying as it can get for me. Usually after such a night I go “ah I wish I had captured this one..” Not this time! I felt the magic in the air and recorded the whole trip. Although maybe taken out of its context a little here, I think the excitement of that night still comes across.. Let me know in the comment section on my mixcloud what you think and.. thanks for tuning in! click for the link

Spicy downtempo vibes

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Ah yes, Autumn is here the days of smoky whisky campfire wonderful spicy smells in the air, the wind, rain.. red orange yellow.. geese flying over heading south.. And to celebrate those moody days here are some trippy dopwntempo dancegrooves.. Some bluesy flavours, some South American & Arab vibes mixed with dub slow house, acid and other autumn beats. Enjoy!

Sundrenched new mix

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Hey there!
Yes it’s time for a fresh mixtape. This time around I was inspired by the Greek party band Imam Baildi who played at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. I did a warm up set before the concert which resulted in this Mediterranean brew of Balkan sounds, Swing, Surf, Greek Folk, Hip Hop & dash of psychedelia. Laid back & energising at the same time, enjoy!

Spaghetti Grooves

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Starting the Autumn season with a very special party inspired by the Spaghetti Western! Expect an orgy of surf, bluegrass boogie woogie psychedelic cumbia, mariachi music..
Check out the Facebook event here:

Festive Photo Expo

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A vibrant, festive, life loving photo expo by Joke Schut at Lungo in Rotterdam. A party to celebrate the opening and I’ll be providing the bon vivant grooves. Expect an otherworldly atmosphere & exotic food & drinks by Lungo and Larousa.