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Favorite album of the moment

Posted on by Frederik Petzoldt, Posted in Music tip, review .

Beating Heart – Malawi. Yes this is one of thos albums I want to put in the spotlight because it’s truly special and has a strong concept.
In this case it’s traditional music from Malawi that is interpreted by DJ’s/ producers from around the world all at the top of their game. They bring the often haunting, powerful and ancient sounding Malawian sound to the global dancefloors of today by infusing it with bold but sophisticated electronic music elements. The money made by the sale of the album goes straight back into the communities where the music is taken from so it feels like a truly balanced and respectful project. And this is reflected in the music. The idea of an album like this is not particularly new or revolutionary.. but everything just seems to work here beyond “noble intensions.” the music is fresh and exciting, the production is top notch the artwork is juicy and through the pr we get a true sense of Malawi and the birth of this project. Well done! click for the link