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Spicy Autumn mixtape

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Ah yes, Autumn is here the days of smoky whisky campfire wonderful spicy smells in the air, the wind, rain.. red orange yellow.. geese flying over heading south.. And to celebrate those moody days here are some trippy dopwntempo dancegrooves.. Some bluesy flavours, some South American & Arab vibes mixed with dub slow house, acid and other autumn beats. Enjoy!

Collaboration time!

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Lately I’ve been collaborating with a few great musicians. The amazing violin wizard Frog Pocket, from Edinburgh, trumpet maestro Milan Mes and versatile percussionist / DJ Petro Pas. Sometimes adding their own spicy electronic compositions to my sets as well as live instruments. This has mainly taken place during Ecstatic Dance nights which I’ve been involved in for the past few months in places such as Odessa in Amsterdam,ย Open Up Festival & Djoj in Rotterdam. These nights have added a lot of new experience and joy to my DJ life. Joy because the opportunity to play with others where DJ-ing can sometimes be a slightly lonesome job ๐Ÿ˜‰ And experience as it has brought another exciting andย  unpredictable element to my dancefloor sets.
If you want to experience it Live come to Ecstatic Dance in Rotterdam on the September 27, where I’ll be collaborating with Petro again. click for the link

New mix!: Live @ Odessa Amsterdam

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So here’s a fresh Socrates set… this is part of a live set I played at the funky dance ship known as Odessa in Amsterdam.. I’ve been playing there regularly lately, contributing to the Ecstatic Dance nights. I’ve been doing this in my own way and at the same time harmonizing with the concept of Ecstatic Dance. Seems to work out as the people there enjoy dancing to my sets so far and as long as I can stay true to my own Capricorn style I do too!

Socrates @ Living Village!

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This is a festival gig I really look forward to! Its a young festival that only just started but I heard a lot of good stories about it from friends and colleagues after last years edition.. Not one of those copy-paste festivals which there seem to be a lot of lately but one with a true soul and magical character of its own.. ๐Ÿ™‚ To top things I’m also playing b2b with an old friend and DJ buddy, Irfie J, with whom I have a very easy and fun chemistry behind the decks! So I really look forward to doing a deep & spicy organic electric dance set at the ChilloutLoud stage on the 20nd of June ! Hope you can make it there! click for the link

Winter mix

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It’s almost over but this mix I made in the very depth of winter.. a trippy spicy journey of ice, fire, crows and earthy downtempo dance grooves.. hop on and enjoy the ride!

Socrates Live impression

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Yes every now and then its time to update my PR! So my sets, style and energy during live sets has changed a lot in the past years… So this, video is kind of where I am at now.. My dear cousin Soraya Amber an excellent photographer and film maker joined me during one of my summer festival gigs to capture the vibe and made this short but sweet impression.

Socrates @ Bajes Radio

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Radio at an unusual location: the infamous (former) Amsterdam prison “Bijlmer Bajes.”
When I was invited to come and play a set I was intrigued. When I arrived I was truly surprised.. The place still echoed the grim prison days but at the same time had evolved into a mini village, a square with high walls obviously harbouring a dark past now had people chilling in hammocks surrounded by tropical plants, a hip restaurant, art expositions in prison cells, a haman.. and a very nice radio & recording studio. This is where I was welcomed to play.. and it was a pleasure! My host a very cool friendly guy and a DJ himself.. the sound in the studio was excellent.. and the dimmed light made me feel in the mood right away… As an tribute to the Autumn days ahead I chose to go for a a sensual, trippy forest set.. click for the link

New Autumn Mix!

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Yes it’s Autumn ok, the summer is over.. but I still feel like dancing and enjoying every sunny moment out there among the orange and yellow colored leaves.. let’s celebrate the start of this beautiful season with some funky grooves! Here’s a short but sweet mix of mine combining Nu-Disco, Funky House, Afro Bass & Tropical Beats into a potent 20 minutes of dancefloor pleasure, enjoy!

Socrates & de Graaf

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We’ve actually been playing & doing gigs together for a year already.. But this season we’ve taken it to a new level.. I build a groove-tale with dub tracks, funky electronica, a dash of D&B and a generous hand full of Afro- Latin, Tropical & Indian flavours. Arjen de Graaf adds his soulful and swirling violin to the mix improvising and completing the musical journey. First we’ve mastered the lounge vibe and now we’ve taking our spicy brew to the dancefloors.. next stop: Festival Karavaan in Alkmaar!

Spacetrain to Planet X

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Right! So it’s time for a fresh Autumn mix.. And how about we celebrate the start of darker days, spiciness & windy weather with a Space Odyssey! I’ve compiled and mixed an 1 hour trip into space. I’ve selected my tracks inspired by the exciting adventurous mood, slightly eerie beauty and timeless vibe of proper Sci-Fi movies. For me this is an unusually electronic adventure. But I’ve had quite a few beauties in my collection waiting for the right moment to be incorporated in a worthy soundscape. My electronic music preference is for warm earthy grooves, with strange trippy ellements rather than harsh emppty mechanic sounds. So I’ve maintained that vibe throughout the mix. Switch off your mind and jump on this spacetrain to Planet X! Broadcast Friday 6 at Concertzender Nederland. After the live broadcast it’ll be available for listening on demand. click for the link