Monthly Archives: March 2016

Springtime Dub

Posted on by Frederik Petzoldt, Posted in new mix .

Yes it’s time for some optimistic Springtime music! Dub is a sound that can be dark, brooding, hollow, minimalist… weird.. But it can also be warm, trippy, exciting, melodic and dance-able.. And yes you already guessed it probably, I Iike the latter 😉 So enjoy this upbeat springtime downtempo trip around the world.. carpe diem dub!

Tropical Feast!

Posted on by Frederik Petzoldt, Posted in gigs, rusty beat club .

Fresh party with the Rusty Beat Club collective coming up soon! I’ve invited DJ Basura from the infamous Bombascha circus to join us this time and we’re laying down our sunny grooves after a concert by the exciting Kobo Town (Trinidad/ Canda). Time for an early spring party at RASA March 12!