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Vadou Game @ Korzo

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Yes that’s the kind of support gig I like! I’ll get to play lots of funky Afro, Ethiopian sounds & Tropical dancefloor psychedelia after Vadou Game. This hot Afro band from France mixes James Brown style funk, trippy fuzz, hypnotic rhythms & catchy melodies with ceremonial voodoo vibes from Benin. Sounds like a guarantee for a spicy night of dancing doesn’t it? But don’t just take my word for it, judge for yourself and join the party at Korzo in the Hague April 11!

Fresh Spring mixtape!

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Spring is always an inspiring time for me. A time to celebrate life, sunshine and the blossoming of.. well just about everything! Everyone’s more allive, happier, more energetic and that’s the spirit I’ve tried to capture in this mix.. Bringing together some kick-ass rumba, salsa, Latin Funk & Afro Beat in a joyous adrenaline trip of 35 minutes.. Enjoy!

Rusty Beat Club @ Vrije Westen Festival

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Another Rusty Beat Club gig coming up! And another beauty of a flyer by Nadia Troeman to make it known.. I’ll be performing with my fellow Rusty music brothers at Liberation day in Amsterdam @ Vrije Westen Festival for the second year in a row. If you want to dance to warm quality authentic feelgood grooves on May the 5th this is where you should be!