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Reggae party – Socrates style

Posted on by Frederik Petzoldt, Posted in new mix .

Bon Vivant Skank by Dj Socrates on Mixcloud

I’ve been wanting to make a mix in this style and with this vibe for a while. Reggae has always been one of my favorite genres but definitely not all reggae, a lot of today is aggressive, obnoxiously loud in it’s production, unoriginal or just simply boring and bland. So this is reggae the way I like it.. Exotic & original, energetic & rebellious or deep and sensual. Hopeful & sunny, melodious, dynamic. & catchy. Over the years I’ve collected good reggae grooves from all over the world so in this mix you’ll find reggae from Brasil, France, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Germany, Italy, Spain the UK and off course Jamaica can’t be left out. The mix itself is made to be played loud in the car on a road trip, to start up your day or to play during a garden party.. whichever way you’ll play this.. I hope you enjoy these feelgood summer grooves: a reggae party in Socrates style! click for the link