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Festive Photo Expo

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A vibrant, festive, life loving photo expo by Joke Schut at Lungo in Rotterdam. A party to celebrate the opening and I’ll be providing the bon vivant grooves. Expect an otherworldly atmosphere & exotic food & drinks by Lungo and Larousa.

Minirg’s portable super speaker

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Got a new gadget which I’m excited about! Let me tell you why.

I’m on the road a lot. So I often have to prep my sets beyond the comfortable setting of my home. Preparing in my case means selecting tracks, listening, mixing & fooling around with ideas to get in the mood for the upcoming gig. Most of the time my main tool is my laptop with Traktor DJ software. I then listen to my music either over my macbook speakers or my Technics RP-DH1200 headphones. The first option off course sucks. The 2nd is fine except it does become tiring after a while constantly having the pressure of headphones on your ears.

So for a while I’ve been looking for a good, reasonably loud, well build portable speaker. And I’m happy to say, I found it!