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Rusty Beat Club in Nijmegen

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Another Rusty Beat Club gig coming up.. in Nijmegen this time! We’ve been invited by DJ collective Zsazsah to contribute to their regular “Underpants” night on the 29th of March. I will be playing a rousing Afro Beat flavored set with my buddy le”dj”Mette. Look forward to it!

Rusty Beat Club @ Canvas

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Really look forward to this gig! Playing with the Rusty Beat Club at the funky venue “Canvas” in Amsterdam.. it’s our own night, where we’ll have the freedom to to create exactly the kind of warm atmosphere we enjoy and play the tropical eclectic dance grooves we like. Hanco Kamper our Rusty VJ will be providing psychedelic visuals to compliment the music and we also have invite guest performers: Dj Safri from Utrecht and Zsazsah from Nijmegen. A memorable party ahead!

Tearjerkers at Museum Night Rotterdam

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I’ll be playing several short eclectic sets of sad songs to contribute to this years “tearjerker”-concept of the Museum Night in Rotterdam. Another unusual Socrates gig. This could have been a drag to do.. but the fact that my employer, Maritiem Museum Rotterdam, gave me total freedom to work with this idea made all the difference. I’ve gathered tearjerkers from around the world. Classic ones by artists like Simon & Garfunkel and Dionne Warwick; but also contemporary ones by artists such as The Whitest Boy Allive & Amy Whinehouse.  Also exotic melancholia from Salsa Celtica (roots in both Latin America & Scotland) & Yat-Kha (Siberia). I’ve compiled a few favorite tracks in a playlist on my Socrates YouTube Channel, listen and she your tears!;-) click for the link