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Favorite album of the moment: The Modern Sound of Harry Beckett

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Photo: Jon Smalldon

When I first heard the track “Something Special” on Mark Coles, “World of Music” (thanks Mark!) on BBC World Service radio, I was enchanted. Truly taken to another place, forgot what I was doing… that’s musical magic I don’t come across too often. The key players are Harry Beckett, a legendary trumpet player who only just passed away and the British producer Adrian Sherwood who’s done a lot for contemporary reggae & dub. Together they’ve created a sound that seems like a cross between Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” and “Bitches Brew.” Warm, melancholic, trippy and timeless. The atmosphere is hypnotic in a spiritual way like a church choir can be. But then the music also includes some kick ass deep bass grooves which have great depth when played over proper speakers.. The only track to skip is “Ultimate Tribute” which has a mediocre vocal performance that spoils the smokey vibe. When the timing is right, tracks like “Fantastic Things” definitely work on the dancefloor. Quality stuff! click for the link

pondering on 2010..

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